The Ice Bucket Challenge

First the Ice Bucket Challenge – but certainly no challenge with a Rotary Screening Bucket

Everywhere you look on Social Media there is someone raising money for Charity by taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

However the challenges of reusing of materials from site are no challenge at all when you hire one of Randall Plant’s range of Screening Buckets. You can save considerable costs and environmental impact using a Screening Bucket and with the money you save you could donate to Charity instead of taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Screening Buckets are ideal for:

  • Creation of topsoil in wet and dry conditions
  • Separate fine/rough fraction from all sorts of materials
  • Construction waste and contaminated soil can be screened and crushed
  • Pulverisation of frozen/cloddy soils or materials
  • Stabilisation of clay and contaminated soils
  • Making soil mixtures
  • Screening of top and wet soil, peat
  • Screening and mixing of sludge for composting
  • Screening, crushing and mixing biowaste
  • Screening and crushing of bark and twigs
  • Crushing of glass bottles and jars

We can advise you of the best bucket for your needs and provide you with the technical information to ensure our buckets will fit your excavators if you do not require one of ours.

Screening Bucket Hire range

Lloyd Rotary Screening Buckets to fit 8-20 tonne excavators
20 Tonne – Screen size 50mm x 50mm square
14 Tonne – Screen size 40mm x 40mm and 15mm x 15mm square mesh
8 Tonne = Screen size 50mm x 50mm and 12mm x 12mm square mesh (This bucket will fit a JCB)

Lloyd Rotastar
20 Tonne –  20mm teeth setting

14 tonne – 15mm and 25mm teeth setting

See our Buckets in operation at

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