Archaeological Support

At Randall Plant, we're not just a plant hire service; we're your dedicated partner in archaeological exploration. Our commitment to supporting the archaeological community has established us as the leading name in specialised plant and logistic solutions. With a deep understanding of the delicate and intricate nature of archaeological digs, we offer a tailored approach that enhances and streamlines the excavation process.

Our Services

  • Site Preparation: We provide everything from site stripping to deep excavation and trenching, ensuring your site is fully prepared for exploration.
  • Specialised Solutions: Our expertise extends to working in confined spaces, constructing cofferdams, and implementing temporary works. 
  • Safety and Security: With options for Heras type or permanent fencing, remote off-site or static security, we ensure your site is safe and secure at all times.
  • Comprehensive Welfare Support: From self-contained setups to full site setups, our welfare services ensure your team's comfort and safety.
  • Waste Management and Environmental Care: We offer a full spectrum of waste management services, including skip, roll-on, and tipper options. Our team provides testing and advice for hazardous materials and contaminated soils, ensuring your project adheres to the highest environmental standards.
  • Material Handling and Transport: With services including Hiab’s, plant, and low loader transport, we ensure that materials and plant are moved safely and efficiently.
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Why Choose Randall Plant?

  • Expertise in Archaeology: Our team isn't just skilled in operating heavy machinery; they have a profound understanding of archaeological needs and challenges. This ensures that every dig is approached with sensitivity and precision.
  • Comprehensive Service Range: From site preparation to site strip, deep or shallow trench, and environmental analysis, our services cover every aspect of your archaeological project.
  • Environmental Stewardship: We're committed to preserving the delicate balance of the natural environment, ensuring that our operations leave minimal impact while aiding in the discovery of history's hidden treasures.

Partnering with Randall Plant

At Randall Plant, our journey into the past isn't just about supporting excavations; it's about respecting and preserving history with the utmost care and dignity. We have extensive experience working in both urban and rural environments nationwide, including significant projects such as HS2 in Birmingham. Working closely with teams of archaeological experts from leading companies, we've carefully assisted with excavations, ensuring that every piece of history uncovered is treated with the respect it deserves.

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